Altitude +

Density Altitude+ seamlessly integrates weather data, GPS and your phone's onboard barometer to quickly and accurately calculate your density altitude and a host of other atmospheric properties.

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Automatically Find Your Density Altitude. Anywhere.

Works Anywhere

The quickest way to get your Density Altitude! On the iPhone or iPad, the Density Altitude+ will use the built-in barometer and GPS. Designed not to need an internet connection, so it will work anytime and anywhere you need it.

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Much More than Just Density Altitude

Density Altitude+ also computes your altimeter setting, Absolute Pressure, Humidity, Air Density, Relative Air Density, Specific Humidity and Dyno Correction Factor. Used by racers, engine tuners, pilots, golfers, long distance shooters and more!

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Advanced Search Feature

Find all the atmospheric data that Density Altitude+ can provide for any location on earth using the advanced search feature. Not limited to airports, Density Altitude+ truly works anywhere on earth.

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