Density Altitude+

Finding DA, RAD, altimeter setting and more with Density Altitude+

Automatically Find Your Density Altitude. Anywhere.

Density Altitude+ seamlessly integrates weather data, GPS and your phone's onboard barometer to quickly and accurately calculate your density altitude and a host of other atmospheric properties.

Works great without cellular connection or barometer as well.

The quickest way to get your Density Altitude! On the iPhone or iPad, the Density Altitude+ will use the built-in barometer and GPS. If you're in cell range, you don't need to supply any data. If you're out of cell range, all you need to supply is the outside air temperature. Designed not to need an internet connection, so it will work anytime and anywhere you need it.

Density Altitude+ is a great tool for pilots, especially in the backcountry. It also works great for drone pilots, drag racers, engine tuners, or anyone who needs to conveniently find their Density Altitude, Altimeter Setting, Absolute Pressure, grains of water per pound of air, relative humidity, RAD, dyno correction and more. Humidity is factored into all calculations to make it more accurate in most cases than AWOS/ASOS or METAR.

Instantly Find your Density Altitude
Density Altitude+ Works Anywhere, especially useful in the Backcountry.