Density Altitude+ Frequently Asked Questions

How does the app calculate its values? How accurate is it?

Density Altitude+ uses GPS, your device's built-in barometer and hyper-local weather information as its input. It then calculates the many values using the best available physics calculations. Humidity is included in all calculations, for instance, which it is not in many other avaliable sources (ASOS/AWOS for instance.) In the field, it has been shown to be quite accurate when compared to professional meteorological equipment. Of course, it is still just an app, and you should always confirm its results if your safety depends on it.

Why not just use the Density Altitude values I can get from my local airport?

It's true that many local airports report Density Altitude using ASOS/AWOS. In many cases, this is sufficient. However, those calculations are done without taking humidity into account, and of course presume that you are operating near said airport. If you are either in a more remote setting, or at a different elevation, those values aren't as helpful. Density Altitude+ is designed to find many atmospheric data anywhere on earth, so it becomes all the more useful when farther away from civilization.

The Density Altitude shown is pretty far off from my elevation. What gives?

Density Altitude relates the density of the air by translating it into the altitude at which that air density would be found in a "normal" atmosphere. Most of the time, your Density Altitude will be quite different from your physical elevation. On a warm day, it'll be quite a bit higher, and on a very cold day it'll be quite a bit lower. Density Altitude+ takes the guesswork or calculations out of finding DA and many other atmospheric data.

I'm getting a negative number for my Density Altitude. How is that possible?

Density Altitude depends greatly on the ambient temperature. As such, if the temperature is low enough, you will find that the Density Altitude can become negative. This is quite common in the winter time. Feel free to share a screen shot of your lowest Density Altitude on Instagram with hashtag #densityaltitudeplus. It's always fun to see how low it can go!

I've got a question that isn't in this list. How do I reach you?

Please email us at We always endeavor to get back to you as quickly as possible, and love to hear from our customers!