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Get Industrial-Strength Meteorology in a Convenient, Easy-to-Read Package With Deep Weather for iPhone and iPad.

Deep Weather gives you a deeper understanding of your weather forecast than most other weather apps.

Deep Weather provides detailed, accurate, authoritative weather information from the National Weather Service and other sources in a format that makes it easy to digest. Get the most recent National Weather Service Area Forecast Discussion, advisories and warnings for your location, as well as up-to-date high quality weather graphics.

Deep Weather also provides a detailed and accurate 7-day extended forecast for your location.

Become your own Weather guru with Deep Weather for iPhone and iPad!

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Your Weather Forecast And The Thinking Behind It.

Rich Weather Details

Deep Weather grew out of a desire to provide easy access to some of the most detailed, high-quality and high-value weather sources that are usually overlooked by other weather apps. While many weather sources will tell you the general gist of what the weather is expected to do, Deep Weather provides the detailed meteorological reasoning behind that forecast, along with the various factors that are likely to influence it, as well as potentially change where the forecast goes.

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Curated Weather Graphics

To help provide a more visual picture, Deep Weather also provides easy access to a curated list of the most up-to-date weather graphics: National Forecast Chart, Surface Analysis, IR Satellite, Current Radar, Pacific and Atlantic Ocean surface analysis, 500mb graphical forecasts and more.

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Become your Own Weather Guru

Deep Weather provides great value in helping you anticipate and adjust to changes in the weather that you might not have been aware of if limited to other weather sources. By understanding the factors and assumptions that are part of the official forecast and how changes in those factors could affect the outcome, you are armed with a much deeper and more flexible understanding of the weather around you. This is highly valuable in aviation, sailing, long distance hiking and any other outdoor endeavor where changes in the weather can have great impact.

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Over 2,000 Five-star Reviews for Deep Weather:

“Best NWS Forecast App  ★★★★★
Best way to get the real NWS forecast for any location. Good app. Real weather forecasts.”
“Great App!  ★★★★★
Reliable information. Gives empirical insights in the forecasts that general TV, media, or other apps don’t give you. I like being able to save favorite forecasting areas!.”
“Aviation Appreciation!  ★★★★★
This app is great for pilots. The detailed explanation, for any area i want, anytime for long and short terms.”
“The Best Weather App. Period.  ★★★★★
You get a detailed, accurate analysis of what is, and what is to come. Spot on. No hyperbole.”
“Awesome Product  ★★★★★
Well done and easy to use. An app that I use twice a day because I am WX geek.”
“Really Useful  ★★★★★
Gives you the details of the weather forecast. we often use Deep Weather to help with travel decisions.”
“A Must Have Weather Tool  ★★★★★
I have been using this app for years and it has been one that I have been truly happy with purchasing. Instead of hiding behind a bunch of graphics with numbers and animations this app takes the in-depth weather discussion from your local weather office and brings it front and center. Not only can I follow the forecast discussions from the local forecast office where I live and the one for where my family members live, I can also have it follow me for those random road trips.”
“Excellent Information  ★★★★★
As a long distance backpacker I need raw information on weather as I'm out on the trail a month I find Deep Weather to fill this need in keeping me informed on what is ahead weather wise for the short term and long term forecasts. I've learned to trust it and rely on it for its information, which in turn helps me formulate, and or adjust the hike plan as needed. With learning weather patterns and reading the clouds as they appear in the sky, I'm very seldom caught by surprise with weather events.”

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