Weather Apps and Privacy

2023-03-15 Kristian

Thanks to Apple’s recent rule changes on the App Store, app developers must disclose if they collect and/or share your location data and other information.

Have you ever looked at the privacy disclosures for your favorite weather apps? If not, you may be in for an eye-opening experience.

Here is an example from one of the most popular weather apps on the App Store. As you can see, this app tracks and sells your location, contact info, usage data etc. Yikes.

Popular Weather App Lack of Privacy

It’s an uncomfortable fact that most popular weather apps do collect and presumably sell your location data and other information about you to third parties.

Luckily there are alternatives.

As a consumer, you have the power to choose a weather app that respects your privacy.

Our app Deep Weather respects your privacy. We do not, and have never collected any information about our users. Deep Weather doesn’t display third-party ads, doesn’t store your location data anywhere, etc. Our business model relies on optional paid subscriptions from our most loyal users to help pay for development and servers, rather than collecting and selling your data or inundating you with ads. Respecting our customer’s privacy is a no-brainer to us!

Deep Weather Respects your Privacy

This is what the App Store privacy disclosure looks like for Deep Weather: None of your information is tracked, stored or shared.

Learn more about the weather app that respects your privacy: Deep Weather.