Instantly Find the Density Altitude (And Much More)

2023-02-02 Kristian
Density Altitude affects everything from the power an engine can make, the lift of a wing, the flight of a golfball or the bite of a propeller. For racers, the ideal jetting of the carburetor is highly dependent on DA. It can easily mean the difference of a being on or off the podium. For pilots, Density Altitude is even more crucial as it can determine whether an aircraft can safely take off from a given airfield or bush strip. Continue reading

Zulu Time: Using the New Timer Features in the Apple Watch, iPhone and iPad App

2023-02-01 Kristian
The Apple Watch version of our app Zulu Time Widget GMT/UTC has incorporated a timer feature with a wide range of functions for over a year now. Some of these features were inspired by feedback from customers who work in space flight, others by flight instructors, yet others by airline captains. All the great timer features from the Watch version of the app are now also available on the iPhone and iPad. Continue reading